Monday, December 14, 2009

Freinds in 少年军

There are certain friend I want to mention in this camp.......

Wei Hong:

A serious boy...I know him by playing guitar with him, he is a serious boy, he took
serious in every job, he cares his friends, and he is also a handsome boy.....

Teoh Zheng: A funny boy and quite talkative.....A cute boy

Chern Yee:

A chinese chess proffesional player...He is a careful person, he will calm down his
mind when he do anything.....


Piano proffesional player....Cares about his friends, he always took his problems
seriously. A good friend to have.....

Jia Jian:

A playful boy...He also have his problems, you cant see he has any problem by just
looking his playful act, actually he got his own thinking and opinion...

Picture at 少年军


Picture Of Graduation Day at 少年军

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back From 少年军

Well. finally the 3 weeks camp is over......Now back to my own life....Is quite boring cauze all my friends and teachers are separate with me.....All i can do is just chat with them in MSN or the popular facebook...Well in that camp I sure had learned a lots of things that i can do or change myself in my life.....

Days in the camp:

1st day: Not very close to all the friends there, andfeel quite lonely at the 1st day...

2nd day:I would call this day games day in the camp, I am close to my own group and
quite happy playing with them...Besides I had some new friends in the 2nd day........

3rd day: Wow, suprise that i know my group got the 1st prize in the game...GAMBATEH
Bakuteh group.....Well, i also had know some friends today too....

4th-6th day:Well, time to go for the lessons.....Really give me a headache because there are
many things for me to think...But it is quite good...they use different angle to see
the topics...Oh and they give you time to think and digest things that you learn..

7th day: This day give me challenges...climbing mountain and it causes 8 hours!!! Haha.. One
thing I proud is I can climd to the TOP of mountain...HAPPY....Well it cause my muscle
to pain 2 days....

8th-12th day:Well, the second week of the camp, I know all of the people in the camp...and this
week....MANY THINGS to digest...Thanks to the teachers, because understand
the lessons and i can digest it..THANK YOU TEACHERS..

13th-15th day:YEah... Finally can go out to camp....TERRIBLE CAMPSITE!!! Those tilam cant
sleep!! SO SMELLY!! AND the toilet SO DIRTy...I cant stand days like that....
Well, it's activities is exciting ...playing with muddy water, jungle trekking and
feed the leeches......

16th-19th day: The last week........Too sad and nothing to say........ =.=

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Exam Wars

Oops........Seem like the big exam in my form is near.It means I must work thousand more harder to score with flying colours. Haha. I hate the exam but must also sit for the exam or not my future is doom.Well, thats all. I have nothing to write anymore. See you.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Feeling When I First Created A Blog

Well!When I first create my OWN blog,of course must be happy.Actually, when I heard or know that my friends had their very own blog,I feel that I must have my own blog too.So,I created my very own blog.Actually,I loves writting dairy so i decided to create a 'diary' in the internet.Besides that happy feeling,there are also many unwritable and unspeakable feelings too.Okay!I will end my first text here. Hope you all will post some question or opinion for me to help me write more and more passage for you all.Well,see you in my next passage.